International Culture Torino issues, at the request of the student, a certificate of attendance in order to obtain an entry visa in Italy or a residence permit for study purposes.

The entry visa is not necessary for the citizens of the European Union. Non-EU students who wish to enroll for a period of more than 3 months must apply for a visa for study reasons at the Italian Embassy in their country presenting:

  • Certificate of registration issued by an accredited school for issuing visas;
  • A accommodation arrangement – that is, a hotel booking, residence or the availability of an apartment of their own or of a person willing to host them (“Letter of invitation” to be filled in by hand);
  • A health insurance covering the entire period of stay;
  • A guarantee of the availability of sufficient financial means for the entire duration of the course/stay in Italy (;
  • Proof of purchase of a return ticket.

The procedures for issuing the visa may vary depending on the Embassy or Consulate of the various countries. Therefore it is advisable to inquire at the competent Consular Offices in order to know precisely what documents to present.
The Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad issue Study Visas, for more than three months, only for enrollments in courses of at least 20 hours per week.

Cultural Activities

For students who want to learn Italian in Turin it is also important to know the history and art of the first capital of Italy.

Italian lessons for foreigners that are offered at the International Culture Torino, provide not only language teaching, but also cultural information about the city.

Our school organizes guided tours in Turin and cultural activities outside the school (visits to museums, historic cafes, gastronomic tours and trips to the parks).

Every month there are several activities in which you can participate.